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Co-working space in Sheffield

Co-working space is an important ingredient for a thriving Creative & Digital scene. Suitable spaces have been in short supply in Sheffield, but now I’m starting to see more being created.

I recently visited Studio 505 at The Workstation which is my idea of an almost perfect space. It’s a big, bright room with a mixture of desks, tables and sofas, great WiFi and the added bonus of Macs complete with a variety of useful software.

Studio 505

Studio 505 operates on a membership basis (£36 a month including VAT) and that gives you 24/7 access. You’ve got the Site Gallery cafe and the Showroom cafe on your doorsteps – although, granted, you have to carry your coffee back up to the 5th floor ;-)

I also heard recently about plans for a space on Unity Street, to be run by the same people who run the CADS centre in Shalesmoor. And I believe there’s a space run by G Media in their Bells Square office, although I think that is rent-a-desk rather than co-working.

I’m compiling a list of co-working spaces in Sheffield so please let me know if you run one or use one that you’d recommend.