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Introducing . . .


Hello. I’m Mel Kanarek, and this is the website for my consulting business, TigerNash Ltd.

I’m a consultant specialising in the digital industries. I am also one of the co-founders and directors of Sheffield Digital, the digital industries association for Sheffield City Region, and I represent Sheffield on the UK Tech Cluster Group.

Through TigerNash, I work with digital businesses, helping them to overcome the barriers that are getting in the way of their success. I’m also involved in local and regional projects aimed at creating strong digital and innovation ecosystems.

I’m interested in how you build the conditions for mission-driven, sustainable growth in communities, businesses, organisations, cities and regions. That means I think about start-ups and scale-ups, digital skills, digital adoption in businesses, and the role that a strong digital sector plays in inclusive, thriving regional economies.

To find out more about my career history, please visit my LinkedIn profile. You can read more about the kind of work I do, and what I’m working on at the moment, on the Projects page.