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Untargeted in a targeted world

February 1st, 2013


Today I received a piece of direct mail that left me in a state of disbelief (I shan’t name the guilty party). It was addressed to the Managing Director of TigerNash Ltd at our address in Electric Works.

  • It was addressed to Dear Sirs
  • It was offering information about a large amount of office space somewhere else in Sheffield.
  • It was from a large, well established, company.

What did this tell me about this company? Well, it told me they can’t be bothered to do even the tiniest bit of research apart from trawling through websites for company names. It told me they hadn’t even looked at the TigerNash website to find out if my company would find their offer of interest. It told me that they didn’t even care about me enough as a potential customer to find out my name (which is easy to find). It told me that they are an untargeted company in a targeted world.

Now, how do you think I feel about their brand and their company? Do you think I’m likely to want to do business with them?

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