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Hi customer, how are you?

October 3rd, 2012


In my post Why you should learn to love research, I mentioned that you should ‘ask your customers’. I think this is a vital and often overlooked way of gaining real insight into a target market.

Somewhere in your customer base, there is a friend. Recognise that they are an expert source of market intelligence and don’t be afraid to ask for their feedback or for an ‘off-the-record’ chat. What is the market like for them right now? How are your competitors coping? What do we need to do more of to better support you?

Getting the real customer view will not only help you get rid of your assumptions but will also help bring that customer even closer. People love to be asked their opinion, especially if you then act on it – there in an element of enhancing brand loyalty naturally built in to this method.

So, next time you speak to your favourite customer, either face to face or on the phone, why not ask them what’s happening in their world? Test your hunch, make better decisions, improve your service, encourage two-way communication and build a better business. What’s not to like?

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