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Creating “Sheffield Digital”

During 2015, I’ve been working with colleagues in the city to set up Sheffield Digital – a new association for the people and businesses of Sheffield’s digital industries.

Over and over again, we were hearing things like:

“It’s really hard to find out what’s going on, who’s doing what, where to find help/resources/collaborators.”

“There are so many exciting things going on and businesses doing amazing things, but no one knows about them.”

“The people making policy and promoting our city don’t understand our industry and the contribution we can make.”

So we decided it was time we made something happen for ourselves – and the result is Sheffield Digital.

Our aim is “to help create a great environment for setting up, working in and growing digital businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding region”.

Sheffield Digital will:

Connect – bring together the people and businesses that are Sheffield’s digital industries, to foster collaboration and learning and to have fun.

Promote – provide a single, powerful voice for the digital community in order to influence policy makers and educators.

Represent – shout about our digital businesses and their capabilities locally, nationally and internationally.

I will be devoting a fair amount of my time to this during 2016, so you can keep up to date with developments on the Sheffield Digital website. But I’ll also be keeping TigerNash going, so do get in touch if there’s something I can help with.