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Mel Kanarek

I’ve spent my whole career in roles relating in some way to marketing, communications and business development. I’ve run my own business, I’ve run other people’s businesses and I’ve advised people about running their businesses. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with organisations of all sizes, learning what makes them tick and helping them to grow.

So, I like business – obviously. I also like technology, people, culture, the great outdoors, learning new things and fast cars. And I get a huge buzz out of a job well done.

Sectors that I’ve worked in include technology, manufacturing and industry, education, economic regeneration, charities, professional services and even (a long time ago) music and fashion. I’ve raised profiles, launched new products, run major events, grown teams and experienced the highs and lows of being the person behind the desk where the buck stops.

I live in a village in the beautiful Peak District, where I wage an enthusiastic battle against my garden’s tendency towards jungle (the garden is winning). Oh, and I sometimes get snowed in during the winter.

Follow me on Twitter @tigernash;  Connect with me on LinkedIn;
Phone: 07710 695030;  Skype: melkanarek

Skill Set:

business development and growth | marketing strategy | branding | coaching and team development | marketing communications | public relations | social media | event management | copywriting | corporate social responsibility